Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who will lead America’s second revolution against tyranny?
Who among us will dare to rise up against the tyrants in D.C. who squabble for dominion over the rights, fortunes and lives of the America people? 
Curtiss Bradley is one of those revolutionaries.
The only child of a Doolittle Raider, orphaned then weaned at the Milton Hershey School for Orphaned Boys, Curtiss comes of age on Wall Street’s fast track during America’s roaring 1980s. That is until a love obsession with an enchanting foreign student entices Curtiss on a global journey where he discovers himself and his father's love of country.
He returns 30 years later to find the America he knew gone after the bill comes due for decades of debt-driven economics in the Great Depression of the Twenty Teens, when in desperation Americans embrace defunct communist-style statism, and in the process lose their most precious inheritance: their freedom.
Can Curtiss live up to his father's war-hero legacy? Can he preserve the American dream for his son by launching the shot heard ’round the world in 2020 and rescue America from its post-constitutional dystopia?
*   *   *
The Tree of Liberty Trilogy is a 32-year sweeping epic that takes readers on a journey around the world and across the spectrum of the human spirit. There are 3 books to the Tree of Liberty series:
          Tree of Liberty: Labyrinth
          Tree of Liberty: Ascension
          Tree of Liberty: Revolution
All 3 books of the series are available in the book Tree of Liberty: Trilogy. The 3rd, climactic book of the series is available separately in the book Tree of Liberty: Revolution.
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